How to Order

 Available Pre-Order Designs

  • Place your order by checking out your cart on
  • Many pieces in our offerings are slow crafted and assembled by hand, hence orders are taken on a pre-order basis to gauge the supplies required 
  • We do not take in orders via Instagram DMs

 Available In-Stock Designs

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  • Certain collections will have a limited quantity made per design, and will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • We may or may not restock these designs to maintain the exclusivity and uniqueness of each design

       Made-to-order/ Customs

      • Our current made-to-order designs are available here. We do not open made-to-order for all designs to maintain exclusivity and uniqueness of designs.
      • We do not offer customisation services beyond our made-to-order offerings but appreciate any feedback or ideas you may have!

        Delivery and Postage

        • Each order will require 5-7 days of processing, crafting and dispatch time to be fulfilled upon of payment confirmation. We will do our best to dispatch every order with as much efficiency as our team is able to manage to reduce the wait time.
        • EDEN Collection Made-to-Order pieces will require 1-2 weeks of crafting time to fulfil.
        • Local Delivery (within Singapore):
          • Ninjavan Courier: $4.50 (includes tracking, typically takes 1-2 working days)
        • International Shipping (outside of Singapore):
          • We ship worldwide to bring our unique jewellery to wherever you are! 
          • Singpost Delivery time: 5-14 working days
        • Shipping Coverage via Registered Mail SingPost Services (in SGD):
          • Zone 1: Malaysia & Brunei - SGD $10
          • Zone 2: Countries in Asia & the Pacific (except Australia, Japan & New Zealand) - SGD $18
          • Zone 3:  Australia, Japan, New Zealand & rest of the world - SGD $23


        Jewellery Care

        • For daily maintenance, in between wears, use a polishing cloth to wipe down your jewellery dry before storing, including resin surfaces.
        • Occasionally, mild soap and water can be used to cleanse your jewellery, by lightly rinsing and thoroughly drying with a microfibre cloth.
        • Rubbing alcohol can be used to wipe down and disinfect metal parts of jewellery that come in contact with your skin, although long exposure or soaking in alcohol is not recommended as it may corrode jewellery.
        • Do not use rubbing alcohol on semi-precious stones, especially that of the organic variety such as opals and pearls, as it may lead to colour change or dissolving of organic coating.
        • While all our products are 14K/18K Gold-Plated or made of 925 Sterling Silver and will not tarnish easily, they are not immune to wear and tear that can expose the base metal alloys over time. Hence, it is important to be gentle in caring for your jewellery for a prolonged lifespan.
        • SS925 Sterling Silver naturally oxidises with time. The shine of Sterling Silver can be restored with the aluminium bath method. Simply mix the baking soda and vinegar into your aluminum-lined pan before adding boiling water. Then, soak your SS925 silver jewellery to the solution for about 30 seconds before rinsing, drying and buffing with a polishing cloth. This process may be repeated several cycles to fully restore the shine. 


        • Store all jewellery in a cool, dry and air-tight box or bag, away from sunlight to minimise oxidation and UV-degradation.
        • Avoid clumping jewellery together as this might result in tangling and scratching of the plating, accelerating the wear and tear process. 
        • SS925 Sterling Silver naturally oxidises with time. Hence, it is important to store them in a cool, dry and air-tight place, away from sunlight as this will accelerate the tarnishing process.
        • Wearing SS925 Sterling Silver jewellery often can actually slow down the tarnishing process as the natural oils in your skin act as a cleanser for silver snd keeps your jewellery shiny. With proper care, SS925 jewellery can last a lifetime. 

          Return Policy

          Strictly no returns or refunds once order has been placed and payment has been processed. If damages or defects have been found, please reach out to us within 7 days via email at for a new replacement.

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